Direct-to-Brain Windows and Remote Neuron Reading and Writing D2B RELATED KEYWORDS
Seven hundred or how ever many years of segregation have produced many popular "keywords" that are many times used to subtly hint at a larger picture. Here are some of those keywords that, once you know about them, as a D2B excluded person, you can start to more easily recognize.
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This bizarre neuron secret two-level society has created some bizarre systems. One is the insider "keyword". There are many keywords, included humans use to try and inform the poor excluded people. Here are only a very very few of them:

"in": Starting a paper with "In" usually indicates that the person receives direct-to-brain.
"out": vote to make a person lose direct-to-brain read and/or write service.
"get"/"get out": an insider thinks somebody should "get" (include) an outsider- but not necessary all excluded.
"tenable": It may be that 1710 or 1810 was the first year that remote or direct neuron reading and writing occured.
"microscopic": the size of the neuron reading and writing particle devices.
"dust": the size of the neuron reading and writing particle devices.
"Dr. Jeckl and Mr. Hyde": William Hyde Wollaston may have been the first to hear ears and thought.
"galvanized": remote muscle movement - many times implies that a person was murdered by remote muscle contraction.

complaining keywords
"inhuman" - seeing thought-screens and receiving direct-to-brain windows makes insiders "inhuman".
"day in day out": "They are in, they are out".

Sexual keywords
"cover", "coat" - insider - and possible even excluded females get coated with sperm by insider guys.
"ski" sound - female handing two insider guys.
"do you work out?" - does an insider female take money from an excluded guy for hand - mostly it is apparently impossible - but nonetheless exists.

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