Direct-to-Brain Windows and Remote Neuron Reading and Writing


There is a lot of evidence of remote neuron reading and writing, most of which is from your own experience of having muscles remotely contracted, and from thought and eye images, and thought and ear sounds sent to you remotely, but there is also some good evidence from recorded history.

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This is an image (published in the December 2008 science journal "Neuron") of what a person sees using fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) without ever having to touch the body:

Example 3D video of what direct-to-brain windows (Neuron Reading and Writing) might be like. A small millimeter flying device follows the person around by flying with light powered molecular motors transmitting and receiving particle information. The included person has several windows open in front of their eyes.
Typical windows might include: a clock, a live image of mate and newborn baby, and a video call from some friends. A direct-to-brain consumer can open a calendar using only their mind - by simply drawing the calendar to their thought-screen - the neuron reader/writer recognizes this image and so opens the calendar. Windows can be moved forward and backward too, in addition to left, right, up and down, and closed by a similar process of simply thinking of an image with the calendar not there.
A rarely seen view of light entering the eye - and how the eyeball is basically a pin-hole camera - but "what's a pin-hole camera?" - most excluded will probably ask in their thought-audio.

See my feature film: "Seeing, Hearing and Sending Images and Sounds Directly to and from Brains"

From the 2008 movie "W.A.L.L.E. - can you imagine one of the above people without a menu, that never heard or saw even the idea of a menu directly to your brain? That might be you!"

Possible dust-sized hovering-flying microphone-camera-neuron reader/writer radio transmitter-receiver

Salt crystal - 127um cube
Video of seeing inside eyes from National Geographic
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I thought this was a video from the back of a human head, but it is an image from an opthalmoscope, from National Geographic, "The Incredible Machine (1975). So that is disappointing, there goes what I thought was the best piece of evidence that seeing what a brain sees is possible, although Michael Pupin studied directly under the inventor of the opthalmoscope, Hemholtz, and it seems clear that Hemholtz was probably secretly involved, not only in secret camera nets, but this bioscience of trying to figure out what people think. Now perhaps it falls to the video of Yang Dan below, the 1937 Andre Maurois book, in addition to the JFK and Sagan quotes.

Does anybody have any excellent evidence that what the brain of any species sees can be seen? Do you share my excitment and curiosity? Think of the secrecy and dishonesty of millions of humans that use these machines every day. Has there ever been such a secret cult of dishonest humans?

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