Direct-to-Brain Windows and Remote Neuron Reading and Writing


The benefits of making remote neuron reading and writing technology public are innumerable, but there are many extremely important benefits that can be

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Benefits of remote neuron reading and writing (direct-to-brain Windows) being made public
1. Pain a body feels might be stopped simply by a neuron writing device.
2. Blind people might have a possibility of seeing if a camera can write an image to their neurons.
3. Deaf people might be able to hear if a microphone can write to their neurons.
4. People might be resuscitated by neuron writing to contract the muscles controlling their lungs and heart, and kept alive at great cost savings compared to current public methods.
5. Many murderers on the loose might be identified and punished for their violent crimes if many people could see and hear their thoughts, that is read from their eye and ear neurons.
6. Many great scientific advances currently kept secret might be learned and publically utilized, like alternative electricity or combustion (energy releasing) processes.
7. Many sexually frustrated people might be able to more easily find mates, converting that frustration away from violence.
8. Many excluded people might no longer be victim to the "god-voice" being neuron written to their head by the criminal current controllers of neuron writing, misdirecting their lives, benefitting the public by them not being as easily used as remote control neuron writing puppets. 9. Obese people could be made to not feel hunger and would probably lose weight, malnurished people could be made to feel hunger.
10. The speed of communication would be greatly increased, by seeing and hearing thought, great societal progress could be more rapidly made.
11. Many lies and money scams would be revealed by everybody else being able to see and hear thoughts- so the majority of people would be protected from dishonest people and money scams.
12. Violent people might be stopped and held in the act of violence by nearby neuron writing devices. This would stop many assaults that with the neuron writing a secret, although those neuron devices are definitely already there, normally result in murder.
13. Remote neuron writing can make a person feel sexually aroused.
14. Many people would know instantly if a person is not interested in having a relationship with them and not waste time pursuing them.
15. Many people who have lied and their lies would be exposed to all.
16. The speed of communication would be increased- an analogy being like a message by the postal system versus by the phone wire.
17. Movies would be more entertaining - seeing a movie fully immersed - shown on every pixel in your eyes is more like being in the movie.
18. Movies can entertain and educate people on their thought and eye screens (and ears and thought-audio) while they sleep - ends the idiots who send nightmarish, torture dreams (like with insects, of high cliffs, etc.)
19. The phone company and other neuron owners might increase their wealth by selling direct-to-brain services to more people.
20. Ends spread of communicable disease spreading and dliberate infecting of political enemies. Instead of neuron consumers simply watching, and neuron writers directing, excluded humans getting infected by other people with communicable diseases like HIV, Herpes, Syphillis, Gonnorhea, Crabs, etc, the public, now formally introduced to direct-to-brain windows, like many neuron consumers already currently do, can quickly obtain information about if a person has a communicable disease.

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