Direct-to-Brain Windows and Remote Neuron Reading and Writing ABUSES
The abuses of remote neuron reading and writing technology are many. here are just a very few.

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Potential abuses of keeping remote neuron reading and writing a secret
1) Neuron direct murder: People can be remotely murdered by having their heart (which is a muscle), their lung muscles held permanently, with no forensic evidence left at the scene of the crime.
2) Neuron indirect murder/neuron writing puppetry: People can make those who are unaware of neuron writing (excluded), commit violent crimes for them, by writing images, sounds, or activating specific neurons to plant suggestions which the excluded person may act on - in particular if the excluded person attributes these sounds, images, or feelings to a God or Gods. No matter how unpleasant, criminal, or embarrassing, a person may follow the suggestion out of respect for what they believe to be a God sending them a divine command. These suggestions may include to commit homicide, assault, suicide, sexual indiscretions, unusual apparently "insane" actions, sexually embarrassing acts - with other species, with objects, crossdressing, same gender activities, etc. Such neuron writing would create entertainment for those who know about neuron writing.
3) Lack of Communication Genocide: Those who are not included cannot communicate through thought with those who are included, and so would have almost no chance of finding dates, sex, or reproducing.
4) Coercion of insiders addicted and dependent of seeing and hearing thought. Because people's lives and chance of reproductoin depend on seeing and hearing thought to communicate an interest in a relationship, people will pay a large amount of money, and will do many things that those who own and operate the neuron reading and writing devices require of them. If these people refuse out of a sense of pride or dignity, they simply lose their service and all the benefits, including the right to reproduce, to know who around them is violent, who has a weapon around them, who is dangerous around them, who around them does not know about neuron writing, etc.
5) Deliberate infection of excluded people on opposite of neuron owners (democratic, green, libertarian, atheist, non-religious, evolution, etc) political side (republican, white-supremecy, monopoly, etc) by neuron "steering" excluded together with infectious diseases like HIV, Herpes, etc-in addition to collecting money from neuron consumers to see direct-to-brain videos of these kinds of events-or trying to collect money from those who are interested in such gruesome and criminal events.

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