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Relevant Little-Known Quotes from the Past
"Your minde is light", "we were out and he was in"
-William Byrd, "Songs of Sundrie Natures", 1589 (if coincidence, what a profound double-meaning coincidence)

"Each acting, thinking brain then would become a centre of undulations transmitted from it in all directions of space ... Why might not such undulations, when meeting with and falling upon duly sensitive substances, as if upon the sensitized paper of the photographer, produce impressions, dim portraits of thoughts, as undulations of light produce portraits of objects?"
-James T Knowles, letter to the editor of "The Spectator", 01/30/1869 (note that this is before the 1887 works of Hertz)

"Everytime 124C 41 wished to "write" down his thoughts, he would press the button, which started the mechanism as well as the recording tracer."
-Hugo Gernsback, "Ralph 124C 41 +", 1911 (hinting about recording thought-audio long before most of us were even born- but yet we are not much closer to recording thought-audio being a reality? Call it foot dragging...but then there were 2 world wars to help clog up the pipe)

1911 cartoon:

1919 Magazine cover:

Earliest cartoon of a thought-image I can find so far:
1927 cartoon from AT&T's movie "That Little Big Fellow" (1927):

What is direct-to-brain windows?
It sounds crazy, but wouldn't it be much more convenient to get videos and music sent directly to our eyes and ears? How about to talk to people just with our thought-audio and with images drawn on our thought-screen? We wouldn't have to bother to talk out loud anymore- talking out loud would be obsolete. So where do we sign up to get direct-to-brain windows (D2BW)?

Is it painful to get D2BW?
No, it's no more painful or damaging than watching television or listening to music with headphones.

Do we need a special implant?
No, although it sounds crazy, the implants are already there, but just not activated for full D2BW. They are extremely small microscopic nanodevices (like RFIDs) that enter our blood through the air, and then enter our many cells. Once in a neuron they send and receive info and can be used by external devices to activate each of the millions of neurons to transmit pictures, sounds, etc. Currently you only receive what is called "remote hinting", your muscle might be remotely moved for a millisecond (to say something wrong, to drop something, etc.), you might hear some audio sent remotely in your ear and thought-audio, you might see some remotely sent image for a millisecond in your eyes or on your thought-screen. But you aren't receiving the full D2BW service where you get to see inside people's houses, see their thought images and hear their thought audio- and communicate just through thought-audio and thought-images with other activated D2BW consumers. It sounds crazy, but you can see how valuable this kind of "telephone" video service could be.

How does it work?
All animals have a nervous system, and neurons are the cells that the nervous system is made of. Neurons are similar to electronic switches like transistors that are able to be turned on or off. In addition, neurons are like computer memory in that they can be used to store a value in the form of an electric potential (voltage). Remote neuron reading and writing (RNRAW) involves the use of devices that use light particles to remotely and invisibly read from and write to neurons. Using this technology, neurons can be made to fire remotely, causing images to be seen, sounds to be heard, and muscles to contract- all without the owner of the neurons knowing it. In addition, the sounds and images that a brain hears, sees, and thinks of can be read, stored electronically (like a wav or mp3 audio file, and a bitmap or jpg image file), and sent to many other places - including to be sent directly to a brain to appear in front of their eyes and in their ears.

Why have I never heard about remote neuron reading and writing?
If remote neuron reading and writing is so basic a part of science, why do we never hear about it? This is because long ago people developed this extremely important technology, that allows humans to see and hear thought and remotely move muscles, but did not announce and explain it to the public. As a result, for many years, a massive, but secret, segregation of those who are allowed to experience remote neuron reading and writing (direct-to-brain windows) and those many poor people whose D2BW remains disabled. If you are one of the D2BW denied, don't feel bad, because there are many millions of humans currently "excluded" from receiving regular D2BW. It helps to put yourself in their place. Imagine that you were part of a very wealthy group of people working with the telephone company and military engineers to develop tiny dust-sized microscopic flying cameras to look inside the houses and heads of other people - especially the buildings of other governments and militaries. Would you call the New York Times and CNN to announce this astounding achievement and show everybody how you are watching them while they are naked in their houses? Probably not. But would you take the opposite extreme, and purposely and violently seek to deceive those who might find out about you and your secret tiny video technology to throw them off of your trail? Or would you slowly try to include them, explain and teach the technology to them, and let them see more and more of this technology and its products?

Can you provide me with D2BW service?
No, currently I can only tell you about it. But knowing about D2BW, can help you to avoid being abused by it. There are so few people who have even heard about RNRAW and D2BW that you may be elevated to the status of "an excluded who knows" (about RNRAW and D2BW, that they are being remotely abused with microscopic particle technology, and are being largely denied the precious service of seeing eye and thought screens and communicating with only thought-audio and thought-image).

Benefits of remote neuron reading and writing (Direct-To-Brain Windows) being made public
Abuses of keeping neuron reading and writing a secret
Best evidence for remote neuron reading and writing
Music that hints about D2BW and RNRAW
Keywords that relate to D2B and RNRAW
Differences between excluded and included people
How People Actually Look With D2B Windows

Imagine if we could get semi-transparent windows with videos, the Internet, etc. beamed directly to our brain - to appear in front of our eyes - overlayed over what we normally see - without needing any LCD screen at all - wouldn't that be much more convenient?

You are probably one of two people, either you already know all about remote neuron reading and writing, or you know absolutely nothing about remote neuron reading and writing. If you don't see little video windows in front of your eyes right now, then you are in the "know nothing about remote neuron reading and writing group" and you are being excluded from receiving this simple technology interface and extremely abused by those who control remote neuron reading and writing without even knowing it.

From the 2008 movie "W.A.L.L.E." - can you imagine one of the above people without a menu, that never heard or saw even the idea of a menu directly to your brain? That might be you!

Example 3D video of what direct-to-brain windows (Neuron Reading and Writing) might be like. A small millimeter flying device follows the person around by flying with light powered molecular motors transmitting and receiving particle information.
The included person has several windows open in front of their eyes.
Typical windows might include: a clock, a live image of mate and newborn baby, and a video call from some friends. A direct-to-brain consumer can open a calendar using only their mind - by simply drawing the calendar to their thought-screen - the neuron reader/writer recognizes this image and so opens the calendar. Windows can be moved forward and backward too, in addition to left, right, up and down, and closed by a similar process of simply thinking of an image with the calendar not there.

The 1967 movie "The President's Analyst" gives perhaps one of the best and most explicit description of remote neuron reading and writing, even having a phone company robot explain it:

Now imagine that instead of one chip injected into a vein, there are millions of chips that float and move around in space, like RFID chips, but that are the size of dust or bacteria with tiny motors like flagella, that we constantly involuntarily inhale, which results in the chips entering our blood through our lungs, from where they then find their way to many neuron, muscle and other cells. The idea of an "implanted chip" sounds crazy, but when we think about dust-sized RFID chips, it seems more to start within the realm of possibility, lead through to the realm of probability, and eventually end in the realm of inevitability.

In and Out. Notice that they are both looking at a person in front of a mountain scene. The D2B consumer is thinking about a hamburger and fries.

Here is what a typical office meeting might look like for those who get D2BW. Can you recognize which 2 people are excluded?

What looking at people with Direct-to-Brain Windows enabled might look like. Notice that the dog (that receives D2B windows) see's part of it's nose on it's eye-screen. Notice that the only people with friends or babies are D2B consumers.

Do you agree, that it is safe to say, that those who own and hog remote neuron reading and writing and direct-to-brain windows are terrible?